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Rattlesnakes are small, territorial, neutral reptiles that spawn in Deserts and Badlands.


Rattlesnakes are beige, with small black eyes and brown stripes on the top of their bodies. They have a rattle on their tails.


Rattlesnakes are neutral, however they become hostile if a player gets within 1 block of them. A Rattlesnake inflicts Poison III for 15 seconds on attack. Rattlesnakes are very stationary, rarely moving unless provoked. On death they may drop a Rattlesnake Rattle.


If another mob gets within 4 blocks of a Rattlesnake, it will begin rattling its tail as a warning to stay back, with a loud rattling sound accompanying it.


No Step on Snake: Find a Rattlesnake.

Mariachi?: Craft a Maraca.


  • The advancement "No Step on Snake" is a reference to the political slogan "Don't Tread on Me" and the Gadsden Flag, which depicts a snake on it.