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The Grizzly Bear is a territorial neutral mob that spawns in every type of Overworld Forest biome except for Jungles.


The Grizzly Bear is a large, hairy brown mammal with claws.


Grizzly Bears become hostile if the player gets within 1 block of them. They attack in a similar fashion to Polar Bears, getting up on their hind legs and swiping the player with their claws. They can hunt animals such as Cows and Pigs, and can often be seen with one to two cubs following behind them.


Occasionally, a Grizzly Bear will shed a Hair of Bear, which it also drops upon death. Hair of Bear is a crafting component of several items, including Knockback Resistance potions and Falconry Gloves.

Honey Nest Raiding

If there is a bee nest or beehive nearby with honey in it (honey level 5), bears will take the sweet honey from inside the nest and eat it. Bees will chase after the bear and attempt to sting it, even if the hive/nest has a campfire beneath it. However, the bees' stings will not deal damage. Grizzly Bears sit up and hold food items when eating.

Snow Coating

If a Grizzly Bear is in a snowy biome it will gain some snow on it's back, this can also be applied manually using a snow layer. If the Grizzly Bear enters water or a hot biome then the snow will melt, this snow can also be removed manually using a shovel.

Bear Dust

When slain, Grizzly Bears have a 1% chance to drop Bear Dust, a joke item.


Grizzly Bears can be tamed. This is achieved by first dropping honey near them in the form of a Honey Bottle or Honeycomb, or by letting them eat the honey from a hive or bee nest. Afterwards, they will not become hostile if you get too close and will have their face covered with honey to serve as an indicator. In this satiated state, you can drop some Raw Salmon near them to tame them.

Taming Features

After the Grizzly Bear has been tamed, the player can mount it and deal damage by making contact. The Grizzly Bear also comes to your defense. It can be made to sit by shift right-clicking on it. Dropping Raw Salmon or Honeycombs in front of a tamed bear will cause them to eat and regain 1 heart per item.

Tamed Grizzlies will still steal honey from beehives.


Pic-A-Nic Basket?: Encounter a Grizzly Bear.

Arcturus!: Tame a Grizzly Bear.


  • Arcturus (Greek for "bear-guard") is a star in the constellation Boötes. In Greek mythology, he was the son of Zeus and the nymph Castillo. Hera transformed Castillo into a bear, and at some point, Arcturus was out hunting and found his own mother in bear form. Arcturus, unaware of the bear's true nature, chased the bear, but Zeus saved her by making Castillo the Great Bear constellation.
  • The "Pic-A-Nic Basket?" advancement is a reference to Yogi Bear's pronunciation of the phrase "picnic basket".
  • The Grizzly Bear texture was updated twice, the first time it was improved in update 1.9.1. and the second time it was completely redone in 1.12.0